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La Serpiente VoladoraLa Serpiente Voladora
La Serpiente Voladora - Digital, Spanish & English AudioLa Serpiente Voladora - Digital, Spanish & English Audio
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Original stories centering Latino Culture

Many bilingual books on the market are just books written in English translated to Spanish. Libritos de Cartón seeks to create original stories and content for Latino families.

We are excited to show our first two illustrations to our first short story, La Serpiente Voladora. If you want to stay tuned to future books and follow our progress, please subscribe below! We have other books in the pipeline already and the best way for you to show an interest is by buying and subscribing.

Our Mission

When I ask my friends and family to name a Greek god, they don't have a problem naming a few. Yet, when I ask them to name a god from Latin America, they usually draw a blank. This little exervise shows how little of Latin American culture and its stories are used.

Parallel to this, the US is becoming more and more diverse. Bilingualism is on the rise and there are not enough books to keep up with it.

Libritos de Carton aims to fill this gap by bringing high-quality, Latino stories as bilingual books for everyone to enjoy. Every short story will be accesible to both Spanish and English speakers.

How did we get started?

Libritos de Carton was born from my son and our time reading and learning together.

When my son was born, I wanted to share both my culture and language with him. Getting the popular books on Amazon was nice, but the English and European themes were not teaching him anything about his cultural roots. As he learned words, I started getting worried whether he was learning more English than Spanish which is bound to happen while growing up in the US.

I looked for other Spanish and bilingual books but found that a lot of books were basic translations and some were lazy in their presentations. I grew frustrated with the lack of options and did not want to have to order internationally to get my son a bilingual education.

My wife has recently started a STEM themed baby toy company. So I decided to jump into the fray and write my own book.

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